Awards Presentation Boards

AIA New Hampshire uses a standardized Awards Presentation Board template for entries to the Awards Program.  This was done to create a more unified exhibit that will be on display during the year at locations around New Hampshire.  This change was also made to simplify the submission process for firms.  

Examples of the presentation board - same overall layout, many options for photo collage.  Click on the top three to see enlarged.



1.  Download the InDesign template below. The fonts are included in the zipped file. The INDD file can be used with the current version of InDesign and the IDML file is for older versions. The template has a page for each of the above photo collage options. Populate your chosen page with your project details and photos. Alternatively, you can create your own collage in the space provided, following the specifications below. 

Project details: Firm name, General Contractor, Owner (if permission given), Architect of Record (if applicable), Project description (150 words), Photo Credit.

Delete the other pages in the file, Export your chosen page as a PDF/X-1a:2001 and upload it to the Submittable account for your project. Do not alter the overall template layout in any way

2.  If you do not use InDesign, create a photo collage only to the following specifications. We will insert it into the template and fill in the rest of the text for you.

Photo Collage specification:
15"w x 11"h
Photos, in any combination of portrait and landscape (The above are examples you can follow or you can arrange your own composition.)
Photos should bleed to the edges.
White gutter that separates photos: 7 pt. width or 0.0975 in.
Save as a high resolution JPG (300 dpi at actual size or greater) and upload it to the Submittable account for your project. 

AIA New Hampshire will print all the presentation boards together.