Webinar: Commercial New Construction and Major Renovation

The New Hampshire Electric and Natural Gas Utilities have enhanced the Commercial New Construction and Major Renovation energy efficiency offerings.
This new set of solutions is suited for a range of commercial building projects. Building owners, developers and design teams can access deeper incentives and support for engaging us early on in your project design. 

During this webinar, benefits available through four distinct pathways will be discussed:
1. Zero-Net Energy/Deep Energy Savings: enhanced technical assistance and incentives, as well as certification support for zero net energy (ZNE), ZNE Ready, very low energy use intensity (EUI) and Passive House projects

2. Whole Building EUI Reduction: support meeting EUI goals for large and mid-size building projects

3. Whole Building Streamlined: assistance identifying and implementing the most cost-effective energy efficiencies for small to mid-sized projects

4. Systems: custom recommendations on energy efficient equipment/systems


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Event Date: 
Thursday, September 17, 2020 - 9:00am