Resources: COVID-19


AIA Contract Docs

How AIA documents Handle Contractor Delays and Extensions of Time due to COVID-19
Has your project been delayed due to COVID-19?
Learn how the AIA documents, including the A201-2017, handle contractor delays and extensions of time. 

The Architect's Standard of Care and COVID-19 
Learn whether COVID-19 has affected the architect's standard of care, and what the architect can do to meet its standard. 

Issues to Consider when Negotiating a Contract during COVID-19
Learn what things to consider when negotiating a new contract during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mechanic's Liens and other Payment Avenues during COVID-19
Learn the basics of mechanic's liens and other payment options that might be available during COVID-19.

What Architects Need to Know About the CARES Act
Learn the most important aspects of the CARES Act, and how the AIA is working to help architects during COVID-19, so you can protect your firm.