Amendment to NH State Fire Code Impacts New Construction after Dec. 22, 2011

A recent amendment to the NH State Fire Code that has an impact on any new construction permitted after December 22, 2011.  Section 6008.03 of the NH State Fire Code lists amendments to NFPA 1 – Fire Code, 2009 Edition, in particular Section 13.6.2 which states “Fire extinguishers shall be provided where required by this code as specified in Table 13.6.2 and the referenced codes and standards listed in Chapter 2.”
The State Fire Marshall has amended this section to include the following: “In new construction, the required fire extinguishers shall be electronically monitored in accordance with Exception: The electronic monitoring of fire extinguishers shall not apply in occupancies that do not require a fire alarm system.”
So, if your building has a fire alarm system, you will need to provide a system on the required fire extinguishers that monitors the internal pressure of the extinguisher, notifies if the extinguisher is removed and can sense if the extinguisher is being obstructed. 
To date we are only aware of one company offering this:
Update: HB1628, that included repeal of the monitored fire extinguisher requirement was deemed “inexpedient to legislate” so get your specs in order and include those monitoring devices.  At least for now.  I understand there will be other attempts at repealing this requirement.
As always, feel free to contact me if there are any questions.
David Udelsman, AIA
AIANH Legislative Committee Chair