COTE - Committee on the Environment

About us

The AIANH Committee on the Environment (COTE) mission is to advance, advocate and empower excellent and thoughtful design that creates sustainable, resilient, healthy and equitable buildings and communities.  

We advance, disseminate, and advocate to the architecture profession, the building industry, the academy, and the public. We focus on design practices that integrate built and natural systems to enhance both the design quality and environmental performance of the built environment. 

COTE serves as the community and voice of AIANH regarding sustainable design through spearheading workshops and lectures with design professionals; advocacy with government and civic organizations; and broadening outreach to affiliated trades and the general public. Our activities include: 

  • Supporting AIA COTE National and the 2030 Commitment towards a carbon-free built environment. 
  • Furthering knowledge and uptake of the AIA Framework for Design Excellence, a deep green framework for creating better buildings. 
  • Supporting the environmental emphasis of the AIA Code of Ethics.
  • Creating synergies between AIANH committees towards a fully integrated approach to sustainability. 
  • Advocating for a progressive and sustainable NH through associated local programs. 
  • Educating architects and other built environment professionals, as well as the public, on sustainability, resiliency and equity.


Largest climate bill in US history passed  

NH adopts 2018 IECC energy code  

Electricity rates increase in NH  


Archives (coming soon)

  • Past COTE Summits 
  • White papers 

Outreach & Education (coming soon)

  • Videos – video library, films for outreach, references for arch’s who do this
  • Case Studies – Net zero, virtual house tours



Join The COTE!

This is an open invitation for those with a passion for responsible design to join the COTE. The COTE welcomes input from a wide spectrum of professionals.  Our meetings include serious discussions of pressing environmental issues, and informal musings of current events. The COTE meets virtually on third Thursdays from 5:15-6:00.  If you are involved in any way with building planning, construction or renovations and are interested in promoting environmentally responsible practices, please consider attending.  To get involved or for further information please contact chairperson, Tracy Kozak, AIA