AIA Continuing Education

All AIANH programs and most meetings provide AIA continuing education credits. Please check the calendar page for upcoming events.

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AIA Annual Requirements

Beginning in January 2013, all active AIA members will be required to successfully complete 18 Learning Unit Hours, of which 12 hours are health, safety, and welfare (HSW) related topics, for annual membership renewal. Members who fail to meet the annual requirement have nine months to earn the deficient credits, but must meet the current annual requirement as well.

A member who exceeds the annual requirement in a given year may carry up to 18 LU Hours (including 12 hours of HSW) into the next year if needed to meet the requirement. Carryover credit can be used for one year only; it is not cumulative.

AIA Continuing Education

Active AIA members (AIA and FAIA) must meet the CES requirement. First-time members to the AIA are not required to complete the requirement the year they first join. Former members in good standing when their membership expired must meet the requirement for the year they rejoin. Associate and emeritus members are exempt but are encouraged to participate for their own benefit and that of the profession.

At the December 2012 Annual Meeting of the AIA Board of Directors, the Sustainable Design (SD) Continuing Education Credit Requirement was terminated. Recognizing that sustainable design practices have become a mainstream design intention in the architectural community, the Board of Directors voted to allow the sustainable design education requirement to sunset at the end of calendar year 2012. AIA members will no longer need to complete the sustainable design requirement to fulfill their AIA continuing education
Sustainable Design courses now fall under the LU/HSW credit designation.

Ways to earning Continuing Education credits.

For an overview of the AIA CES Program and Frequently asked questions, click here.

New Hampshire Continuing Education Requirements

New Hampshire requires 24 continuing education units over a biennial period; 16 must by in Health, Safety and Welfare and 8 in Sustainable Design. Here are some FAQs from the NH State Board of Architects. Since AIA has dropped the SD requirement, the licensee can determine by review of the rules which category their HSW courses fall under in regards to fulfilling the New Hampshire requirement. NH Board of Architect Rules (see section 403 (b) and (c) for subjects that fall under HSW and SD.)

Different states have different licensing requirements. See interactive map.