Stump to CLT: Introducing Cross Laminated Timber from New England species

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This two part program seeks to provide an educational opportunity to explore about incorporation of New England regional wood such as Eastern Hemlock and Spruce Pine Fir (SPF) into cross laminated timber (CLT) products.

Expected to be available later this year, these are the first commercially available CLT panels made from locally sourced wood in New England.  Projects are currently being designed with these products and demonstration buildings are under construction in Vermont and Massachusetts.

The 90 minute virtual panel discussion (6/1) will introduce participants to the work being done to bring the local CLT product to market.   This begins with origins in sustainable forestry practices and transitions to testing and documentation being done for certification; development of technical specifications; describes re-tooling for manufacturing and rethinking construction feasibility (forest to floor deck).  This program aims to bring participants from across the New England region into a unified conversation reflecting viewpoints of the spectrum of industry experts described above in a final Q+A segment.

Supplementary field tours will be held over two days, visiting Northern New Hampshire (6/8 in Berlin) and Southern New Hampshire (6/9 in Durham and Portsmouth).  Participants will visit active timber sale sites, and both large and small scale milling operations, as well as research based mills in connection with University of New Hampshire.  The objective is to introduce participants to considerations from the beginning to end of the CLT supply chain in a first hand experience.  These tours will describe concepts of sustainable forestry, forestry fundamentals in depth and show active timber harvesting sites, as well as identify issues facing manufacturing and suppliers of the CLT.



Event Location: 

This is a virtual presentation.  You will receive a link to the event after you register.

Event Date: 
Thursday, June 1, 2023 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm