About the Clinton Sheerr Award

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Clinton SheerrThe Award honors and promotes New Hampshire architects, their commitment to the community, and design that exemplifies excellence at the highest level. The award may also recognize non-architects who have also received Honorary Membership in AIANH and who, through their efforts, promoted excellence in architecture in New Hampshire.

Clinton Sheerr AIA was a well-known New Hampshire architect who died in 1997 and whose uncommon love for the profession and the state is memorialized through this honor award. Sheerr was responsible for designing numerous award-winning New Hampshire buildings, notably the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and St. Paul's Church, and was active in professional and community organizations.

Sheerr exemplified the spirit of great passion for beauty and design, a dedication to the community, and the tenacity to follow one’s tasks and dreams. This award honors other similarly outstanding architects or Honorary AIA members in the state who carry on the tradition of deep love and dedication for the State, its architecture and environment.

Deirdre Sheerr-Gross AIA created the fund for the award in honor of Clint, and it is supported by donations in his memory. The funds are held and managed by the NH Charitable Foundation. The first award was given in 1999 to Jeffrey H. Taylor Hon. AIANH for his contributions to the built environment. The Clinton Sheerr Awards committee headed by Deirdre transferred administration of the program to AIA New Hampshire in 2007 and at that time rewrote the criteria to focus on architects, their work, and their commitment to the community.

Call for Nominations

  • The Award will be given to an individual primarily domiciled for the past five years in New Hampshire.
  • The award will consist of a cash prize and an accompanying certificate and will be announced at the Annual AIANH Awards banquet.
  • Applicants should submit a one-page (maximum) nominating letter, and may append back-up materials. It is anticipated that the applicants and their work will be reasonably well-known already to the NH architectural community. Materials submitted may be used in the promotion of the award.
  • You may self-nominate or nominate another.
  • Send nomination letters and materials in PDF format to the AIANH office, bkastel@aianh.org.
  • Deadline for nominations is June 1, 2024.