2023 High School Design Competition

Gather – Interpretive Space for Community Building

AIA New Hampshire is now accepting projects for the annual High School Design Competition.

Register to participate by February 24
Project submissions due on April 14, 5PM
Awards event hosted by Keene State College on April 20


Calling all students of urban and industrial design, architecture, landscape, graphic design and creative problem solvers!

This year’s AIANH Competition will take a broader approach to design. Architecture can be categorized by more than just a building or physical object, and space can be created using different techniques that enhance the human experience. This experience could vary from person to person and can help define a culture in a specific region, town/city, or corner of the street. 

This year, students are asked to identify a site in their local community, or site that they believe could benefit from a community-oriented design project, to research and define a need that they think best suits the location, demographic, and general purpose of that place. Students must answer the questions of permanence, materials, construction method, use, etc. before committing to their design process. The following questions will help define what students choose to create: 

  • What do people gather for? 
  • How many people will be served at a given time? 
  • What is the permanence of the structure? / Is it mobile? 
  • What materials could be used to construct this place? 
  • How visible is this place? 
  • How does this design incorporate into the surrounding physical environment? 
  • How does this design enhance the surrounding community and culture? 

Download this poster to share with students in your school
Download this poster to print and post across your school campus 
Here you will find all the details about the comptition and many resources to get you started.
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