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That’s the AIA’s national public relation and advertising campaign that launched back in December of 2014. The goal is to raise the public profile of the architect’s contribution to the built environment. At Grassroots this year, Robert Ivy, CEO of the AIA, asked attendees if they had seen the recent ads for the Look Up campaign on TV. To be honest, I had not seen an ad for this campaign until after the conference, and even then it didn’t make much of an impression on me.

Up until four or five years ago, one of my biggest fears was saying something stupid in a professional meeting, collaboration, design charrette, etc. I’m not really sure why; I felt like I had good design tastes, I had years of experience, and many more years of schooling. On top of all that, I had done countless projects in group settings, participated in group critiques (not only as the one being critiqued, but as the critiquer), as well as one-on-one critiques.