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Recently I ventured over to Keene State College to help out with a mid-semester design review for one of Bart Sapeta’s studio classes. Many of you may know Bart, but for those of you who don’t, he has been an Associate Professor at Keene State for about eight years now. He is also currently an AIA New Hampshire Board Director, and has been nominated to become our chapter’s Vice President next year. I always enjoy his passion for design and his ability to spark that passion among his students in the Keene State Architecture program.

Architecture is an interesting profession to be involved in. As we all know, remaining current in the field requires constant learning, updating, knowledge, and different ways of thinking. Becoming a good or great architect requires much more. Over my somewhat short (relatively speaking) career in the architecture world, there are many things I think can, and should, help you develop from “just” an architect, to something that might evolve into much more.